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Tina Julsgaard

The enterprising founder of The Cowork Spot, Tina Julsgaard is also the owner of the neighboring translation agency, Comunica.dk – Translations S.L. Tina saw the immediate synergy of having a community-shared workspace alongside her current business, which works with numerous freelancers and independent businesses/entrepreneurs on a daily basis.


Tina Kok

Tina Kok is the CEO and contact person for The Cowork Spot. Tina enjoys the excitement of creating an inspirational environment for entrepreneurs that’s focused on professional growth, where effective teamwork is the order of the day. She can apply her knowledge of international sales and marketing and familiarity with local networking groups and public institutions in the Malaga region to open doors.


Nicolás M.M. Fontana

Nicolas is Ambassador for The Cowork Spot coworking community. Nicolas is also the Vendor & Sales Manager for Comunica.dk –Translations, the mother company of The Cowork Spot.